Self-initiated PSA for Japanese Relief Aid.

On March 11th, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and subsequent Tsunami and nuclear reactor leaks left Japan devastated. While much has been done to give relief and help to the people of Japan the real work is just beginning. Sometimes we forget that just because an event like this isn’t on the front page anymore, the struggle to save and rebuilt lives has passed. IAMSTATIC wanted to create something that can act as a reminder that this disaster is still happening and not a memory.

2011 Cannes ACT Tribute
2012 Bessies GOLD Animation


Creative Director: Ron Gervais
CG / Animation Director: Dave Greene
Production Company: Electric Company Art & Design
3D Animation/ Modeling / VFX: David Greene, Steve McArdle
2D Animation: Ron Gervais
Compositing: Ron Gervais
Audio / Sound Design: Sound Invader (Randy Knott)