This edit is a compilation of four fun and bright spots we created for a Target campaign with KBS+ and Topix. We directed the project from top to bottom, including shooting, editing and creating all cg and vfx over 6 months.


Creative Director: Ron Gervais
CG / Animation Director: Dave Greene
Production Company: TOPIX
Lighting & Rendering: Dave Greene
3d Animator: Michael Brown

Rotoscoping: Pearce Perkins
Compositors: Ron Gervais, Marco Polsinelli
Editor: Ron Gervais
Senior Producer: Eugene Marchio
Client: Target
Agency: KBS+
Live Action Production Company: Sugino Studio
DOP: Todd McLennan
Exec Producer: Andy McLeod

Audio/Music (spot 1 and 2): Pirate
Audio/Music (spot 3 and 4): The Eggplant