One thing we enjoy at our core is to play and explore. This means pushing into new creative areas and experimenting with new technology beyond our comfort zone. We decided to the one year anniversary party as an excuse for us to create our first projection mapping / installation project.

The idea was simple: we wanted to create something that would show some of our work in a non traditional way, be a proof of concept for future mapping projects and ultimately look kinda awesome. We started with our logo-mark that we modeled in 3D before creating a physical model that we mounted to the wall. We then used  TouchDesigner software to map the model and used a combination of video, still and generative programmatic elements to create the piece.

The Instillation had a sort of campfire allure, adding motion and texture to the space. We were very happy with the project and we received a ton of great feedback. We can’t wait to evolve it to the next level.


Directed by: IAMSTATIC
Production Company: Township and Company
Technical Director /Programming: Markus Heckmann
Project Manager / Producer: Sherry Kennedy
Crew: Dave Greene, Ron Gervais, Andres Kirejew, Randy Knott
Executive Producer: Amanda Lariviere
Engineering Support: Rudy Ledvinka