Months in the making. IAS was fortunate to team up with Pigeon Brands for the campaign launch of Vuse Vibe.  Together we set out to create a series of vibrant worldscapes that described each essence of the Vuse Vibe flavors (seven in all). From nectar to mint and melon to menthol, we are carried through these otherworldly landscapes that make up the World of Flavor.


Directors: IAS
Production Company: IAS / Heyd & Seek
Creative Directors: Ron Gervais and Dave Greene
Lighting and Rendering: Steven Hollman, Dave Greene, Henry McMurphy
3D Animation: Dave Greene, Kevin Vriesinga, Charlie Benson
Modeling and Layout: Chris Crozier, Dave Greene, Steven Hollman, Gwen White
Edit, Online and Colour: Ron Gervais
Executive Producer: Cynthia Verona
Music: Eggplant

Agency: Pigeon Brands
Creative Director: Jonathan Smith
Associate Creative Directors: Bryan Sage
Agency Producer: Clare Dietrich