Opening Titles.

Gold in these hills.

We were approached by JV Productions to create the opening titles sequence and in-show graphics package for History Television and Animal Planets new reality adventure show CURSE OF THE FROZEN GOLD.
Using a mix of shot footage, archival images, maps and CG environments, we set out to create an opening title sequence and visual language that captured the strange mystery and high stakes danger that has been historically associated with hunt for Slumach’s lost mine.
In 1891 a Native man named Slumach was hanged in New Westminster for murdering a man called Louis Bee. The Myth links Slumach to the treasure known as Slumach´s Gold. On the gallows he cursed the mine so that once he died, the gold would be lost forever. The show follows a group of adventurers and gold experts who have gathered to explore the rugged wilderness for the cursed gold.


Creative Director: Ron Gervais / Dave Greene
Production Company: TOPIX
Lighting & Rendering: Dave Greene
Lighting, Rendering & Compositing: Abdul Mohamud
Modeling, Texturing & Rendering: Dave Greene & Chris Crozier
Generalist: Ronak Shah
Editor: Ron Gervais
Compositors: Ron Gervais, Dave Greene
Senior Producer: Cathy Jefferies

Client: JV Productions
Network: Animal Planet / History Channel
Audio/Music: Pirate Toronto