Conference Opening Titles.

Telling all the stories for FITC

Iamstatic was asked to direct the creative for FITC’s flagship event in Toronto 2014. The creative for this years FITC Toronto revolved around Story. FITC conference is at its core a place where stories are recounted and created. Every year thousands file into the venue to watch their favorite speakers present their inspiring work and tell their personal stories of how they achieved their many accomplishments. Ultimately at the end of the conference they leave with their own stories. Our story is a fairly simple hero’s journey where our main character is confronted with challenge and choice.


Creative Director: Ron Gervais, Dave Greene
Production Company: TOPIX
Senior Producer: Christina Lord
Lead Animator/Rigger: Kevin Vriesinga
Art Direction / Design: Emrah Gonulkirmaz, Ron Gervais, Michael Brown, Megan Bannon, Abdul Mohamud
Lighting & Rendering: Abdul Mohamud, Dave Greene
Layout: Abdul Mohamud, Dave Greene
Modeling: Dave Greene, Steve McArdle, Chris Crozier, Ronak Shah, Pearce Perkins, Chris Johnson
Compositors: Ron Gervais, David Greene, Matt Dochstader
Editor: Ron Gervais
Music: Sound Invader (Randy Knott)
Client: FITC