Art makers and rule breakers for quarter century. 

We are IAS

A Design and Creative Co.

Who We Are

Our Culture + Ethos

We're like, if a bunch of Art students opened a Swiss Design Studio in the back of a Skate Shop. It’s a collision of worlds, a dance of contrasts — a harmonious disarray, if you will. For our clients and partners, it means a journey of leveraging seemingly disparate elements to craft compelling and lasting narratives. Afterall, if you're going to make it, you may as well make it good.

What we do.

Our Approach

Every project we dive into carries that unmistakable vibe: Design principles interwoven with unrestrained creativity and playful rebellion. Combining these elements with a love for creative community and a desire for shared success, we are where art meets precision, and design rides a skateboard.


Creative + Strategy
3D Animation
2D Animation
Title Design
Branding + Systems
Artful Live Action
Mixed Media

Our Team 


Our Team

Our "collective within a studio" approach is the belief that when you bring together a diverse tapestry of talents, sparks fly! Each one of us is a unique storyteller, armed with specialized skills and our own sprinkle of creativity. Imagine a painter, a techie, a wordsmith, and a strategist all huddled together over a sketchbook and a coffee (green tea?), brainstorming and sharing insights. That's us!

Ron Gervais
Partner + Creative Director
Dave Greene
Partner + Creative Director
Cathy Jefferies
Executive Producer
Steven Hollman
Creative Director + CG
Nicole Labbe
Julia Deakin
Creative Director + Designer
Chris Crozier
Senior CG Artist
Hayley Morris
Director + Stop Motion


Our clients and colleagues in creativity are interwoven with us in our shared passion for imaginative and strategic insights, spinning yarns that linger and resonate long after the tale is told. After all, who can resist the allure of a well-spun yarn?

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