Bursting at the seams.

No one was harmed in the making of these spots but IAS showed some hustle directing these five spots for OLG Proline. This campaign was created to show how playing Proline magnifies the excitement of watching our favorite game. Each shot made, goal scored, twist and turn is instantly turned up to eleven!


Creative Director: Ron Gervais / Dave Greene
Production Company: Tendril
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Senior Producer: Krista Allain
Editor: Michael Barker
Assistant Editor: Paul Short
Compositors: Patrick Coffee, Rob Del Ciancio, Dave Greene, Ron Gervais
Senior Producer: Krista Allain
Technical Director: Ben Pilgrim
3D Animation – William Sharkey, Dave Greene, Alasgar Hasanov
Modelling, Tracking/Roto Artist: Pulla, Dave Greene, Florent Arnould
Lighting, Rendering: Dave Greene, Florent Arnould, Brad Husband, Alasgar Hasanov
2D Text Designer: Marisabel Fernandez, Rodrigo Rezende
FX Artist: Alasgar Hasanov
Flame Assistant: Astrid Cardenas
Storyboard Artist: Megan Bannon
Agency: The Hive
Audio/Music: Pirate Toronto