Royal Canadian Mint

Pass it on Oscar.

Celebrating Oscar Peterson

A painted piano in Little Burgundy comes to life in this magical tribute to Oscar Peterson’s enduring legacy as a pianist, composer, educator, mentor and advocate — and helps introduce the new “Celebrating Oscar Peterson” commemorative coin from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Oscar Peterson was one of the all-time greats, and it was a joy to partner with McCann Canada to celebrate him.


Director: Julia Deakin
Creative Directors: Ron Gervais, Dave Greene
Production Company: IAMSTATIC
Executive Producer: Cathy Jefferies
Producer: Nadine Kalinauskas
2D Animation / Illustration: Jennie Davis, Julia Deakin, Matthew Kalinauskas, Josh Vermeulen
3D Lighting / Animation: Jimmy Gill, Dave Greene
3D Modeling / Texturing: Chris Crozier, Dave Greene, Abdul Mohamud
Compositor: Julia Deakin
Storyboard Artist: Matthew Kalinauskas
Music: Grayson Music
Agency: McCann Canada
Client: Royal Canadian Mint