TFO – idello

The wisdom of the wind.

The wind, so sweet.

This sweet airy story for TFO Idello takes us through a journey guided by the wise old wind.

A challenging yet immensely rewarding project we couldn’t pass up. The first step was to create a captivating and inclusive character that pushes the boundaries of traditional narratives about “wisdom” often depicted with a long flowing beard and drapey robes. Through much exploration, we found the powerful, friendly, wise wind we were looking for.

Director / Animator Matt Kalinauskas worked to capture a storybook look and magic. The texture, line quality and painterly quality found in still illustrations we employed as well as a classical and timeless animation look achieved through hand-drawn animation. Crafting and creating 12 to 24 illustrations for every second of animation achieve our “moving storybook” that was truly a labour of love, but worth it.


Production Company: IAS
Director: Matt Kalinauskas
Creative Director: Ron Gervais, Dave Greene
EP/Producer: Anne Deslauriers
2D Animation /Illustration: Matt Kalinauskas
Compositor: Steven Hollman
Storyboard: Matthew Kalinauskas
Music:  Vapor
Agency: Juniper Park\TBWA
Client: TFO