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Norma V. Toraya / Crankbunny

I’m a big fan of instinct. Don’t be surprised when I can’t say captain, Massachusetts, thyme and hearth correctly – English isn’t my first language.

Working under the name Crankbunny as an animation director and 2D artist in NYC. With her unique approach, She has created a special space collaborating with various advertising folks, musicians and other types of lovely creators/thinkers for almost two decades.

Norma has directed commercial spots, TV intros, music videos and documentary film shorts for Nike, ING, Nestle, Darkhorse, Holt Renfrew, the band Rush, Etsy, W Network, MuchMusic, United Airlines and other similar lovely folks. Her animated short “Animals Will Leave Us First” is part of the Museum of Modern Art permanent film collection.

Royal Canadian Mint | United Nations

Royal Canadian Mint | United Nations

RGC | Dining Room Derby

RGC | Dining Room Derby

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Dempsters Campaign

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